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An Exhibition will be organized during ‘Horti India 2017’ to provide an opportunity to the participantsfor exchange of knowledge and experience and also get to know novel agricultural and horticulturalinputs such as new fertilizer formulations, agrochemicals, tools and farm machinery, greenhousecomponents, hydroponics, plastics, drip irrigation and fertigation systems.Participants will also have the possibility to interact with the national and international experts in the horticulture sector. Participants can share their expertise, techniques and innovative ideas.

The facilities can be provided to both Govt. / Non-Govt. organization interested in showcasing theirstrengths and achievements with prior booking.To avail this, interested organizations may write forallotment of pavilion/stall in advance.Main attractions of exhibition at ‘Horti India 2017’ are:


  • Well-furnished space with carpeted floor
  • Uninterrupted power and water supply
  • Internet facility
  • Car parking
  • Mini lounge for interaction
  • Food court