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Technical Session and Invited Lectures

A special technical session would be the highlight of the workshop cum exhibition event ‘Horti India 2017.’ Special interactive sessions of stakeholders with scientists / experts deliberating on various segmentsof Hi-Tech production technologies shall be held as would help farmers enhance their crop productivityand input use efficiency. This would be an unparalleled knowledge sharing and learning experience as allqueries related to sessions shall be addressed with impeccable solutions.

Technical session will cover the following:


Protected Cultivation
Fertigation Technology
Crop Production through Hydroponics
Production of Planting Material


Flower Arrangements
Canopy Management
Use of Plastics
Integrated Pest Management (IPM)


Organic Farming
Peri urban and Urban Horticulture
Nano technologies

Invited Lectures –

The Technical Session will have following interactive lectures delivered by the experts:

  • 1) Protected Structures – their management and environment control
  • 2) Role of fertigation technology in horticulture
  • 3) Hydroponics Technology- Importance and requirements
  • 4) Production of disease free, high quality planting material
  • 5) Flower arrangements for different occasions and purposes
  • 6) Importance of Canopy Management in horticultural crop production
  • 7) Role of Plastic in commercial horticulture
  • 8) IPM practices in open and protected cultivation
  • 9) Organic crop production including Inputs management
  • 10) Importance and Scope of Urban and Peri Urban horticulture
  • 11) Role of nanotechnologies in crop production