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Hands on Training

The unique feature of this two-day event would be the farmers’ and participants’ exposure to Hi-tech horticulture technologies, providing them the environment to work in ‘do-it-yourself’ mode.The in house and visiting faculty of IHT along with experts from France, Israel, Japan, Netherlands and Thailand will provide ‘Hands on Training’ type practical workshop to participants in Hi-tech horticulture technologies. Demonstrations / hands ontraining on the following topics will be the highlight of technical sessions:

Demonstrations and training on the field for the practical hands on training would include:

  • 1) Visit to polyhouses with cucumber, capsicum and tomato crops and ‘greenhouse components museum’
  • 2) Operation of fertigation systems
  • 3) Hydroponics unit using Nutrient Film Technique
  • 4) Plug nursery production, Vegetable grafting and Micro-propagation
  • 5) Demonstration of flower arrangement by International experts
  • 6) Demonstration of canopy management in guava and drumstick plantations
  • 7) Visit to micro irrigation systems, mulches and low / walk in tunnels
  • 8) Formulations, spray equipment, monitoring and pest management
  • 9) Demonstration of composting requirements and process
  • 10) Demonstration of innovative urban gardening systems